Hi there,

My name is Tord Asnes. 
I'm a designer / software engineer living in Trondheim, Norway. 

Working on Moon Labs, a medical startup developing a new patient monitoring system in collaboration with St. Olavs Hospital. 

Currently in the fourth year of a five year Computer Science MS degree at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 


Experience / Work

Moon Labs
2017 - Present
We're developing small, wireless, affordable sensor patches for continuous monitoring of vital signs. See more info at moon.ai


Concept designer
Company name - consulting via Moon Labs
2017 - 2018
Designed the inital concepts for _ and their _ computer. A Californa based startup working on


Mechanical protoyping
Company name - consulting via Moon Labs
2017 - Present


Software engineer
Moon Wearables
2015 - 2017


iOS App developer
2013 - 2015
Worked on multiple iOS apps over this period. "To Bed", a simple bedtime app, was the most popular one. Featured on the front page of the App Store and had about 500 000 downloads. Was lucky enough to receive a WWDC Student scholarship to travel to San Francisco in 2015.

Interests / Hobbies

Human computer interaction


“I read for pleasure and that is the moment I learn the most.”
― Margaret Atwood

2018 Reading goal - Read 1 of 20 books (5%)

Countries visited: 17
(Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, USA, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Tunisia, England, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Iceland)


Learning piano


Get in touch

You can find me on Twitter, Dribbble, InstagramLinkedIn